Common Misconceptions of Rotary
Rotary is a secret society
Since its founding over 110 years ago, Rotarians have served our community behind the scenes out of humility rather than secrecy.  Membership is by invitation but visitors are always welcome and if you are interested in membership, we are very happy to discuss it with you.

Rotary is an old men’s club
While founded with men only, Rotary has welcomed and flourished with women members and leaders for over 30 years.  Metroport Rotary has always maintained about 50% female membership and women have served in leadership throughout its history.  And while a number of our current members are retired or of retirement-age, it speaks to the longevity and commitment of our membership.  We embrace people of all ages and races who share a common spirit of “service above self”.

Rotary is just a networking group for business professionals
Service-minded business professionals with a strong ethical compass came together to found Rotary with the primary goal of serving their community.  However, we accept members from all walks of life, including entrepreneurs, teachers, community leaders, and individuals outside of the workplace such as retirees and “stay-at-home” parents.

Rotary is just for rich people
We strive for reasonable membership costs.  Metroport Rotary dues are less than $800 per year (billed quarterly) and most of this amount covers meals at our weekly club meetings.  While a portion goes to support our district and international organizations the majority of dues remain with our local organization.

Rotary requires weekly attendance
Metroport Rotary does not charge members extra for missing meetings.  While attendance is strongly encouraged, many of our members travel extensively and all have periodic conflicting business or personal commitments.  Our priorities are for members to feel connected and able to participate in ways that best fit their gifts, talents, and schedules.